Unique discoveries with a licenced guide in Malta

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I’m Judit Kollar, native Hungarian and English-German-Hungarian-speaking tour guide in Malta.
My mission is to transmit the Maltese good feeling and joy of life.

“JOY OF MALTA”  means a kind of self-realization; it is also an expression of creativity. As your guide I will help you with the preparation and the execution of your program: whether you are fascinated by good food, a fantastic viewpoint or the heroes and cultures of ancient times, I’ll do my best to ensure that when you return home from Malta you’ll say it was worth coming here.

The name “Joy of Malta” would like to transmit a feeling, meaning what I feel when I’m traveling to and settle down in Malta. I hereby wish to explore, sum up and introduce the potential of Malta’s opportunities for recreation, culinary and cultural delights to those travellers who do not want to clutter their travel programs (although in Malta there is plenty of opportunity), but also spend some time with a coffee or a delicious meal in brooding landscape and turn off the hectic everyday life.


the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea


Malta is an ideal destination for those who:

  • wish to travel with short flight duration from Europe
  • wish to explore a unique and different destination other than the familiar Mediterranean resorts
  • want to enjoy plenty of natural sights in addition to rich culture and history
  • are looking for both active and/as well as passive means of recreation
  • are also interested in culinary delights, music programs and sports facilities
  • are open to explore different mentalities
  • from May to October there is almost certainly good wheather, although a high percentage of humidity and heat at peak season
  • it is easy to discover due to short distances
  • communication should not be a problem since English and Italian are common in use and widely spoken by locals


discover new and old places


unique discoveries with a licenced guide in Malta

Private tours are created based on your needs, ideas and interests, and according to the current options.

What makes your day unique and unforgettable if you join to me? The excitement of your trip lies in the unconventional way we approach Malta’s attractions. We reach such places which are not  included on the usual routes. We look under rocks, behind garden gates, wandering on mysterious paths when there are the best lights and colours to nab the real feeling of the place …

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